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Apink 4th Mini Album ‘Pink Blossom’ Jacket! 

I don’t know why I really love Apink looks for their new mini album..

Classic, vintage, preppy, nerd, and cute in the same time!

Apink “Mr. Chu” concept photos

Pink Blossom Mini Album

That ‘green dress with embroided roses’ is really famous! How many Hallyu stars are wearing that dress?

Apink 4th Mini Album poster…

I love their vintage looks! Especially, I like Eunji’s big bow dress..

Super Junior M ‘Swing’ Official Teaser Photos


Happy 2nd Anniversary since debut in Japan IU!




031914 IU at Show Champion’s 100th Special.

I think IU’s matching bralet under her lace shirt is a cute idea for girls who don’t  feel comfortable/don’t want their bra showing when wearing a sheer/see-through shirt. It looks girly and playful without being overtly sexy.

I couldn’t agree more. This outfit was so smashing I tweeted her coordi about it. She replied :D

IU 3rd Album Repackage <Modern Times - Epilogue>

Source: Melon

IU 3rd Album Repackage <Modern Times - Epilogue> Official Teaser Image

Source: 아이유(iu) Official Facebook

IU 3rd Album Repackage <Modern Times - Epilogue> Official Teaser Images

Source: Naver Starcast

IU for CeCi Magazine November Issue, ‘Return of The Queen’

Source: CeCi Korea

[Official CeCi TV] IU_november 2013 Cover Story_ Main Film

[Official CeCi TV] IU_november 2013 Cover Story Teaser02

[Official CeCi TV] IU_november 2013 Cover Story Teaser01

[Behind The Scene] IU - The Read Shoes Music Video

IU ‘The Red Shoes’ Official Teaser Images

3rd Album ‘Modern Times’

Source: Naver